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Celloid Mineral Therapy

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Minerals. When any living tissue is burnt, only mineral ash remains, therefore it is believed that, minerals must represent the basic inorganic building blocks of the organism. When the different tissues & organs of the body are analysed for their mineral content, they not only contain different minerals but also different proportions of minerals.

Celloids are mineral combinations that are found naturally in living tissue and are easily absorbed by the body. There are 11 mineral groups used in Celloid Mineral Therapy. They are Magnesium Phosphate, Potassium Phosphate, Potassium Sulphate, Calcium Fluoride, Potassium Chloride, Calcium Phosphate, Calcium Sulphate, Iron Phosphate, Silica, Sodium Phosphate, & Sodium Sulphate.

Without mineral compounds, cell structure in the body would be severely compromised and defective.

Each type of cell in the body e.g. nerve cells, muscle cells, skin cells require a specific mineral formula to facilitate repair and provide efficient functioning. Even though water and organic matter make up a greater portion of living cells, the inorganic matter is the only substance that the cells cannot produce by themselves. Since the life of living cells is relatively short, the creation of new cells depends on the presence of minerals. Mineral deficiencies will inhibit the proper functioning of living cells.

Mineral deficiency and disease are directly related. There are over 1,400 foreign chemicals introduced into the food chain distorting the human chemistry, creating even more deficiency of vital life-creating minerals. Many people are deficient in essential minerals and a multitude of health issues can develop from one simple mineral deficiency.

The Celloid Mineral Therapy was developed back in the 1930’s by an Australian Naturopath, Maurice Blackmore. He spent many years researching the physiological role of minerals in the process of disease and health and he developed a system for prescribing the minerals based on the symptoms presented including tongue, nail and iris signs.

Celloid Mineral Therapy does not treat any disease in particular, but rather supports your body’s ability to heal itself.

You might ask “How Can I Be Deficient in Minerals When I Eat a Balanced Diet?”

Our diet does not always supply us with enough minerals. Other times the mineral is in the food but is not bio-available e.g. Calcium in milk is poorly absorbed, as is iron in some vegetables. Some substances in food such as phytates and oxalic acid bind to minerals and prevent their absorption. Cooking methods such as boiling can destroy many minerals. Stress can inhibit minerals being absorbed due to reduction in digestive enzymes.

Earthquakes, floods, landslides & volcanic action in some parts of the world mean minerals from the inner layers of the earth are brought to the surface where they settle on & in the soils being used for farming. These minerals are taken up by plant matter & therefore more available for human consumption.

Australia is often called the oldest continent on Earth because of the lack of historic geologic upheaval that marks these other areas of the world. For this reason, Australian soil is poor in minerals. Farming practices are intensive and thus soils become more depleted, therefore most Australians are mineral deficient.

Mineral deficiency signs are many and can include: arthritis, tendinitis, varicose veins, irritability, poor circulation, low mood, recurrent infections (including viral, bacterial & fungal), acne, anxiety, autistic spectrum disorders, behavioural disorders, bruising, colic, constipation, cramps, cystitis, depression, dermatitis, dry cracked skin, eczema, fatigue, flatulence, fluid retention, gastric reflux, hair loss, headaches, indigestion, insomnia, lack of libido, menopausal symptoms, menstrual irregularities, mouth ulcers, premenstrual tension, restless legs, sinus problems/congestion, low sperm count, twitching muscles, weak nails, brittle hair and so on.

Those who have extra requirements for minerals are children, pregnant and lactating women and the elderly, however, because most people have experienced some of the above conditions at some time, Celloid Mineral Therapy may benefit everyone.

Celloids are recommended by taking a health history, considering your presenting symptoms, and evaluating body signs i.e. eyes (iris), nails & tongue. A combination of minerals is then suggested to address your individual needs.

Celloids may need to be taken for a few weeks/months depending on the severity of your condition. For chronic conditions, the dose is usually higher initially, and can be reduced to a maintenance dose after a short time. Acute symptoms are treated with more regular dosing over a short period of time.

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